About Storm Windows Guys

The Storm Windows Guys story

The origins of Storm Windows Guys can be traced seventeen years ago when the business opened its door to the first clients. Back then, it only specialized in making the basic doors and window but due to the harsh weather conditions that sometimes affect the region, it became important to provide a lasting solution o the home and business owners. Storm Windows Guys therefore began to specialize in the manufacture and installation of storm windows and doors to offer protections during such bad weathers.

Persistence and determination

Due to continued concerted efforts by Storm Windows Guys to provide value and quality in its products, we have managed to grow into one of the most reputable businesses dealing in window storms in the region. We attribute this to our persistence and determination in ensuring that our products are not just the best in the market but they are able to deliver on our promise when the storms strike. In addition to this, we accompany all our products with a two year warranty just to make you believe that we have indeed supplied you with quality products. Give us a call at Storm Windows Guys when you need quality storm windows for your premises.

Customer satisfaction

Making our clients and customers happy is at the core of all our operations. We strive to meet all their demands in the most reasonable and professional manner so that they can keep coming back to us whenever they need our services. We are also privileged to have a dedicate team of customer care executives who are around every time of the day just to ensure that all the clients inquiries are responded to in a timely manner. Storm Windows Guys remains to be a top player in the industry through the provision of quality services and world class customer care.

Fast service delivery

In case of emergency, timely response is always of essence. This is one of our motivators when it comes to delivering services to our clients. We are happy that we have the team and the resources to enable us offer fast service delivery whenever called upon. Whether it is at night or during the day, we will make it to your and replace either a broken window or conduct a complete new installation. Storm Windows Guys doesn’t wish that you suffer from the pangs of horrible weathers just because you don’t have storm windows. We will supply you with them and do the installation as well.

Affordable pricing

The quality of our products and services gives us ever right to charge higher prices but as a considerate and caring provider, we have kept all our prices affordable. To us, your health and safety during the bad weather takes precedence over anything else and this is why we make it affordable for you to have the storm windows installed in your homes or business premises.

Call us today

Feel free to give us a call today at 888-666-1815 for a free consultation sessions for us to evaluate your needs as well the best storm windows that will suit your home. We are ready to offer our services to you whenever you should call us.

Key features

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  • img Attractive prices
  • img Ease of installation
  • img Warm-keeping technology
  • img Proven durability